Surf and Spanish in 闯补肠贸 Beach, Costa Rica

This program features 20 group Spanish lessons and 3 surf lessons per week. Surfing lessons are around 2 hours of duration and include all the necessary equipment. The lessons are taught by top-notch surf teachers from an experienced partner school in 闯补肠贸 Beach.

Remember that surfing is a demanding sport, so courses are designed to give you enough time and energy to go to class, surf and study!

But for all who really want to get into surfing, we have an “Intensive Surf & Spanish” option. This is 5 surf lessons (so one per day) and 10 private Spanish lessons. This option is great if you really want to spend most of your time in the water but still make progress with your Spanish.

World renowed surfing

闯补肠贸 Beach is recognized as a central spot for the surfing community in Costa Rica. Not only it is part of the most important surfing events in the national professional circuit, but it was also home of the and most recently, the right in our beach break!

The Central Pacific of Costa Rica continues on the headlines with famous surfers from Costa Rica like Carlos and Beto Mu帽oz, Emily Gussoni and many others competing internationally. 2016 also marks the first time a event will be hosted in Costa Rica, this time in nearby Esterillos.

How’s the surf in 闯补肠贸 Beach?

闯补肠贸 Beach is called “City of Surf” in Costa Rica. It offers some of the best surfing in the country and it’s just minutes away to other world class surfing beaches with lots of spots like Playa Hermosa (5 minute drive from 闯补肠贸 downtown), Playa Esterillos, Playa Blanca, Roca Loca and Playa Caletas.

闯补肠贸 Beach is the best place for learning to surf in Costa Rica for three main reasons:

  • Wave conditions are good and fun for learning to surf, available year-round.
  • 闯补肠贸 Beach has good waves for beginners as well as for more advanced surfers making it fun and easy to progress.
  • Experienced instructors (in both surfing at competitive level and also in teaching).

For more information about surfing in Costa Rica:

  • : National Surf Federation Official Website
  • : view surf spots in Costa Rica by region and read in depth information about , and other famous and not so famous spots.

Current conditions:

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